About Westwater Canyon
The Colorado River has carved some of nature's greatest wonders in its long and sometimes tortuous path: the Grand Canyon, the vanished but once hauntingly beautiful Glen Canyon and the fearsome waters of Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park. Just as remarkable is Westwater Canyon in southeastern Utah, some 40 miles west of Grand Junction, Colorado and 40 miles northeast of Moab, Utah.

Visitors to Westwater Canyon experience a wild whitewater river, a truly unique contrast of land formations as well as a remote, prospering habitat for both plantlife and wildlife. Treasures unfold in the canyon: beautiful geologic formations, ephemeral streams and seeps, wildflowers, petroglyphs and potholes. Its cliffs are home to the endangered Peregrine Falcon, Golden and Bald Eagles, and Desert Bighorn sheep. The canyon's entrance hosts a unique Cottonwood-Willow forest - one of the rarest forest types in the United States. Critical habitat is found here for endangered native Colorado River fishes: the Colorado Squawfish, Bonytail Chub, Humpback Chub and the Razorback Sucker.

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