The links provided below are an attempt to sort links relative to Westwater Canyon, wilderness, and river related issues. The amount of information available is staggering and there is no attempt to provide all links to all people. Users can navigate from these links to any source of related information about rivers, recreation, fishing, endangered species, wilderness, mining, land conservation, etc.

About Westwater Canyon
Bureau of Land Management
United States Geological Survey Water Resources Division
"Westwater Lost and Found," book by Mike Milligan

About Rivers and River Management
River Management Society
American Rivers

Land and River Conservation
Tamarisk Coalition
Trust for Public Land
Utah Rivers Council
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
The Nature Conservancy
The Wilderness Society
Conservation Adventures

Westwater Trip Outfitters
Utah Guides and Outfitters
Colorado River Outfitters Association
Adventure Bound
Adrift Adventures
Canyon Voyages Adventure Co.
Holiday River Expeditions
Rimrock Adventures
World Wide Adventures
Colorado River and Trail Expeditions

Other Friends of Westwater
Canyonlands Field Institute
Colorado Plateau River Guides Association
Bureau of Land Management Moab Office
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Water Resources for Colorado (USGS)
Drought Response Information Project
Tom Till Photography
Bureau of Land Management Utah
Dinosaur National Monument
Idaho: Middle Fork of the Salmon and other rivers
American innotek - Restop
Down River Equipment
Groover Labs
Jack's Plastic Welding
Quicksilver Interactive Media
Redtail Aviation
Stitches 'N Stuff

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